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Monday, May 10, 2010

Corgi Fur Can Save The World

Or at least help save the sea.

Corgi owners often joke how we wish there were a use for all of that fur that comes off of a shedding Corgi when they are blowing coat or during grooming. We've put it out for birds to make soft warm nests. Some people have even spun it into yarn to make interesting things. Here's a fantastic opportunity for everyone to help clean up some of these massive oil spills that are all over the news and happen every day. It is such a simple solution and makes sense. We shampoo because our hair and fur collects oil. The organization Matter of Trust takes boxes of donated hair and fur and makes mats or booms, which you can see in the video below. The fur absorbs the oil out of the sea. I can just imagine a few boxes put out at a dog show grooming area for exhibitors to put all of their brushed out and scissored fur clippings and then sent to Matter of Trust.

From their website:
"Pet owners: Fur, horse hair and wool is fine. Fur is curly which helps more in making mats. It does seem that human hair has less natural oil and is more efficient in soaking up oil. So, we are finding the sweet spot of ratio fur to hair! Pet hair doesn't have to be shampooed - but we ask that it not be filthy, please."

Some people get very creative with their boxes!

Here is a link to the recent article in the New York Times regarding this effort.

Visit www.matteroftrust.org for more information and complete details on how you can collect and send your fur for this innovative effort. CS ♥


^..^Corgidogmama said...

I just gave Addie a bath, and after brushing her out have a trash can full of fur. Your post was timely, and I was just wondering today, where I could send her fur to help out with the oil spill! Uncanny!

Angela said...

Hey Cathy!

I seen that on the news the other night! I do hope that they are able to get all of those out there before the oil reaches the beaches.

For some strange odd reason my corgi isn't shedding yet. Makes me wonder if we have some more cold weather to endure! lol


ocmist said...

Thanks for the "Heads Up!" I caught this on your facebook, and then went over to their site to sign up. I came over here to put a link from Country Corgis to your post here, to help get the word out as well! Grammy and the Country Corgis

ClassyChassy said...

I passed on this info to my dog's groomer. What a great way to help out!

Cristina @CorgiTales said...

Cathy thank you for posting this! Kelly from CorgiButts.com pointed me your way as I was asking on both Twitter and MyCorgi.com if anyone heard if our Corgi-kids shedding fur could be useful for the spill.

I could have a serious amount of fur donation in no time with three shedding Corgi-kids! =)

Abby said...

This is unbelievable ! Thanks for this important information. Don't know if this could be started in France...