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Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think. The wonder of it!"--Tasha Tudor

Monday, June 16, 2008

Corgi Divas Puttin' On The Ritz

Greetings to all of my Corgi-licious friends! I'm back from the fantastic Mayflower Corgi Specialty Show. What a great time we had. What could be more fun than spending time with loads of Corgis and old friends and making new friends? Annie Baker's "Tina" was the well-deserved BOB. The baby puppy match was a success and fun to do, but I must say I'm happy to have reclaimed the space in my house where all of the match paraphernalia once was. I was so happy to have my cell phone ring on the way there on Wednesday to find Suzanne calling to say she and her daughter would be meeting me there. I haven't seen her since the garden tour at Tasha Tudor's last summer. After setting up everything for the match, I had a little time to jump in the shower in my hotel room. Just about to dry my hair and Suzanne arrived. After a minute of hello-hugs, she offered to take Bridget and Stella for a walk while I finished getting ready. Talk about being pampered! I even actually had time to put on some lipstick :) Suzanne was going to be a guest blogger here, but had a bit of trouble logging in. However, you can read Tasha Corgi's post of Suzanne's visit on her blog!

Anyhoooo....I along with a few other artists from our club (Ellen Childs and Susan & Linda Jacob) had been asked to decorate these terracotta Corgis for the Friday evening banquet. They would be auctioned at the silent auction. Susan took mine with theirs and had them kiln fired. I haven't worked with ceramics glazes in years so I was holding my breath until they were safely out of the kiln. It is hard to see them properly in these photos I took in the hotel room, but you can get the idea of how they turned out. The one on the left "Starry Night" has a sort of black glitter glaze which turns a midnight blue. She is holding a string of star beads and shimmery genuine Swarovski crystals were applied all over her. The center one entitled "I'll Be All In Clover,"I painted with an opaque white to which another soft translucent white was added for a special sheen, and then I painted her with shamrocks. Peridot and emerald green colored crystals were added in between the shamrocks and then her green feather boa finished her off. The one on the far right was my personal favorite. She is a self-portrait entitled "Self Portrait" (!) Me as a Corgi :) She has glasses (as do I) and paint splattered all over her paws. I used a 'chunky' glaze on her back which created a cool effect in the kiln. I gave her a beaded glass bracelet and Cindy Read crocheted her rainbow colored scarf/boa. I added fantastic red and aurora borealis crystals all over her. What can I say, I'm a sucker for glitzy. This little bohemian mini-me came with her own genuine micro-painting of her own self-portrait. The three did sell for an obscene amount of money which I am happy to report will benefit the Mayflower Welsh Corgi Club. Clicking the photos will enlarge them. Again, I apologize for the hotel room photos! Well, off to straighten up the house a bit. Hmmm.....what shall I do for Suzanne's challenge today? Must think about that one. Have a happy day! -CS ^..^


Suzanne said...

Oh those are too dang gorgeous! I wish I got to see them.

Jenna Z said...

Oh my GOSH! Thanks for posting pictures, those are adorable! Where in the world did the unfinished corgis come from? I would LOVE to do one up myself!

dreameyce said...

Those are AMAZING!! I loooove the starry nights glaze, and have a few things here with that type of glaze on it :)

Infrared Goggles said...

Oh, I LOVE these! Beautiful, so clever!