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Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think. The wonder of it!"--Tasha Tudor

Monday, June 23, 2008

baby birdies...

For those of you who may be wondering who won the battle of the fuschia plant, wonder no more. It is birdies-1, Cathy-0. When I hung my lovely lush new plant, I didn't expect it to be taken over by these little industrious feathered friends. I apologize for the fuzzy photos which were taken through the window glass as I didn't want to disturb the new parents who keep giving me 'what for' every time I enter or exit. I find it amusing that the plant marker-tag describing the type of fuschia says "Dark Eyes" and the only dark eyes I've seen are the ones peeping at me from the nest. There are two birds that keep flying back and forth to the nest with bugs and things to feed the little babes. This is one of the busy duo. Happy Monday everyone! -CS ^..^


Lillian Stokes said...

Hi Cathy,
That is a Carolina Wren who has made her nest in your fuschia plant. You can gently water the plant now, just at the edge, not on the nest. The babies will fledge in 12-14 days then you will have your plant back to yourself!
Blogger Phoebe says hello to you and all your Corgis, woof-woof!

Anonymous said...

great shots! and I enjoyed your corgi soap phots as well, i've got a westie pup named Remy.

Anonymous said...

we have the same thing going on in our plant but the mother wren is still sitting on eggs- isn't nature wonderful?
we are the proud parents of 'Lucky' a 6 month old corgi that we adopted from Sandi E.
great blog site