"Life isn't long enough to do all you could accomplish. And what a privilege even to be alive. In spite of all the pollutions and horrors, how beautiful this world is.
Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think. The wonder of it!"--Tasha Tudor

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've got a sharp knife and I know how to use it...

Lord knows I don't need an excuse to go to a dog show. However, should you feel the need to justify how much time you spend at dog shows to family or friends, try multi-tasking :) Occasionally I will bring my good cooking knives with me to have the 'scissors man' sharpen them. On Saturday, I also brought a good scissors that my Grandmother had given to me. They were supposed to be used only for fabric, but somehow they ended up being used to cut paper at Christmastime and they became dull. The scissors man made them good as new. So, now with my freshly sharpened knives, making dinner tonight was a pleasure. Baby portabella mushrooms, elephant garlic and asparagus sauteed in olive oil and served over angel hair pasta with fresh grated romano cheese. Sharp knife + fresh veggies = good dinner! Whew! Dinner is saved, all thanks to the dog show and the Corgis...what would I DO without them? -CS ^..^

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