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Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think. The wonder of it!"--Tasha Tudor

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Piggie

Dear Piggie: What do you suggest we add to the Thanksgiving meal this year for the corgis? What would be their favorite special treat for that day?

Patti Kleven
Lismore Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Dear Patti,

I would suggest you add seats at the table for your corgis, or at very least allow them to sit on your laps in order to fully experience the Thanksgiving festivities!

However, if those seating arrangements aren't an option, then you should definitely make sure they enjoy the feast by sharing ample amounts of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, and pumpkin pie.

-My siblings and I have never actually been allowed those accommodations, but you can be certain we would enjoy and appreciate the Thanksgiving holiday more fully if provided these luxuries!

Happy Thanksgiving and Bone Appetit!
XO Piggie

Ms. Piggy,

How do you feel about a similarly named corgi in the Emily Carmichael series?


Angela Kau

Dear Angela,

It is a great honor to have a corgi named after me in a literary series, especially since this book was written before my time!

XO Piggie

"Ooh Piggy you are so sweet. My dog bounces 5 feet off the ground when she wants to go "OUT" to do her "bizzy bizzy" How do you let your owners know to open the door?"

Wendy Gould

Dear Wendy,

We have our pet humans well trained. They usually leave the back door open for us so we can go in and out as we please; however, they're also familiar with my specific disapproving look (and growl) whenever it's time to go outside.

XO Piggie

Dear Piggie:

When my pet humans come home from work at the end of the day, they are supposed to change into casual clothes and spend the rest of the night at home. However, they sometimes decide to go "out to dinner", or so they say, and this extra coming and going at night disturbs me. How can I discourage this behavior when they should be eating dinner at home like I do?

Sergeant Bobo

Dear Sergeant Bobo,

Pet humans are sometimes difficult to train and have a tendency to misbehave. They should know better than to leave home without our protective supervision.

This situation calls for a detailed team intervention in order to prevent them from leaving. In our household, each corgi has a specific job.
One particular example might be as follows: 1. Piggie loudly alerts the others in regards to the escape attempt; 2. Norah Jones runs interference by trying to trip them on the way to the door; 3. Buzzy Bear acts as a door block (with a very sad expression, of course); 4. Dottie Hinkle sprints out the door as a distraction, forcing them to chase her down, therefore causing such frustration that they give up their escape plans altogether!

Naturally this requires teamwork and cooperation with all involved. This needs to be a well-rehearsed plan, executed with speed and precision, to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Good Luck!
XO Piggie

Dear Piggie,

Why do corgis FRAP?

Love, Carter
Winddancer Inside Track

Dear Carter,

I believe that FRAP is an acronym for Frequent Random Acts of Play, and all corgis need LOTS of playtime each and every day in order to maintain their joyful and rambunctious disposition.

XO Piggie
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Happy Monday, my lovelies! xo xo ♥ CS


^..^Corgidogmama said...

This was great fun Cat/and or Miss Piggie.
I adore the Emily Carmichael trilogy of Miss Piggie and wish she'd write more involving the high class brain/antics of a corgi!
Our corgi kids look forward to the big T. They are the official pan lickers on Thanksgiving, which often requires bathtime fun afterwards. Their collars get sticky with gravy. The roaster is so deep for the little dears.

Jody said...

Dear Piggie,
if you go to my mom's blog you will see this newly-constructed "PEN" that I am supposed to go into and like? Not only that, I keep catching her gazing at Corgis and French Bulldogs? What should I do?
Harley Tucker

Erika said...

Dear Piggie,

Have you perhaps been in contact with the late great Angie? She used to get her own Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, on a plate, with all of the trimmings - except for spouts, which were to be considered LETHAL, and therefore rolled off the plate,


Erika and the CWC 3

Amanda said...

lol so cute!! :)