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Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh Harry, We Just Love Ya...

My daughter Laura and I are going to the 12:01 AM midnight/early morning showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tomorrow night. We are very excited. We are big Harry Potter fans in our house. It is always fun to go to this first midnight showing of the film. People, mostly college kids, usually dress up in one form or other. Some wear Harry Potter glasses, or lightening bolt scars on their foreheads. Some dress in full Hogwarts robes and scarves (my daughter has an awesome one.) Some dress as specific characters from the series. Just hope you're not sitting behind the guy wearing the Sorting Hat. A few years ago I painted this denim jacket for my daughter. She informed me that she is wearing it tomorrow night. I thought I'd let Cinderella model it for you and show you a few photos. Cinderella is my affectionate name for the wire dress form in my studio that usually holds dog leashes and ribbons and any number of things around her neck.

The jacket is very glitzy, which is hard to see in the photo, sorry. Here's Hedwig on the back. Her name is in gold glitter at the top and she's wearing a rhinestone collar. Her wings and feathers have been accented with an icy sparkly glittery outliner. Her eyes have metallic gold accents.

This is the front of the jacket. There is a wand painted as if coming out of the pocket. The Phoenix Fawkes is painted in all his glorious color. He even has a puffy clear little tear running down his cheek. Glitter paint throughout his feathers. He's quite spiffy. The Marauder's Map is on the other side. Below it (hard to see in the photo) it says, "Mischief Managed" in a black/chrome/greenish glitter paint.

The top of the sleeve says, "Sirius was here" with pawprints and rhinestones around. Below it is a visitor's pass to Azkaban. Under that is a wicked Dementor (I wish the photo were better!) and it says "Expecto Patronum!" in glitzy letters.

And finally, the other sleeve has Harry's glasses with a golden snitch, all ready for quidditch.

Since it is Christmas in July, we need another giveaway around here while I'm finishing up the Christmas ornaments and goodies. In honor of Harry, I'll buy this "Hairy Pawter" framed tile from my shop and have it sent to the winner. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment at this post telling me one of your favorite characters from the books or films. Wednesday evening (July 15) I'll let the random number generator choose the winner.

Mischief managed. xo xo CS ^..^


crgilvr said...

I am really quite partial to Neville, which would be a great corgi name, come to think about it.

ocmist said...

I can see why your daughter is proud to wear that beautiful work of art!
Love the little corgi sorcerer too, and I caught up on the rest of your blog while here!

I used to collect eggs and did some egg painting only on real egg shells. Your Christmas Corgis are just too cute!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a wonderful piece of art for your daughter to wear!
An absolute treasure in her eyes I'm sure.

betty said...

beautiful jacket, Cathy! very nice work! I hope you and your daughter enjoy the movie; I like the main character girl, can't remember her name because I only saw the first 3 Harry Potter movies and never read the books (gasp).

cute give away


kathy dolge said...

OH my gosh, that jacket is so adorable. Mom and I are going to the earliest day showing on Wed. everyone else is going to the Midnight show. I can't wait!!!!
I can't wait to see Luna in all her glory at Slughorn's party!

Angela said...

Oh, that jacket is to die for!!! I just love it! You thought of everything! I hope you enjoy the movie. My daughter is trying to get me to take her to see it this week too. I can't wait to see the movie either! Our favorite characters are Harry, Ron and Hermine, Hagred and Dolbie. I almost named one of our dogs Dolbie but I can't tell if his name is Dolbie or Dobbie??? Haven't read the books....

I would love to enter your giveaway. I heart your artwork!

Angela I

Jan said...

I would have to say that my favorite is Harry himself. Love the painting and the jacket.

Karen in Maryland said...

Wow the jacket is amazing. Your daughter is a very lucky lady. Favorite character - Harry.

Nancy at the Farm said...

We love Dumbledore - we aren't sure if it is the beard or his mysterious past. Of course we love Hagrid, because he would love us!

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

Tanya said...

We are big Harry fans and can't wait for the new movie. You are such a talented lady, and a fun talented lady at that! I love your whimsy.

Steph said...

As usual Cat, WAY COOL!!

love, S