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Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think. The wonder of it!"--Tasha Tudor

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hand painted Wooden Corgi Eggs...They're back!

Today in the shop I have listed my very popular solid wood 2" chicken sized eggs! Each one is lovingly hand painted to order. You can choose from the Corgis in the listing or send me a photo and I can paint your own wee beastie as one of my signature characters. They make really nice gifts and travel well as they are solid wood and won't break. They will bring joy for years to come!

Long time readers of this blog may recall this post from Christmas past when I was painting eggs by candlelight!

The eggs I paint are hand made in the USA and I really love their quality. I hope you will love them too!

So how did you celebrate the 4th of July? We went to a fantastic party with good friends. Mary Elizabeth came too. We had a really nice day. I made this cake (complete with a little picture decoration of Elvis.) My daughter and husband really liked it and it called for seven fresh eggs which I was happy to use up!

Tomorrow in the shop: original Christmas ornaments! xo -CS ^..^


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Wow! What awesome corgi keepsakes, like...to keep...forever and ever!
When I have my yard sale, I'm using some of the profits for one that has a black and tan tri with a white chest!

ClassyChassy said...

How adorable! what a neat idea!

betty said...

that cake looks delicious!! so glad you had a great Fourth, Cathy

those decorations are cute!!


Life with Fuzzy Ones said...

Is that Schroeder I hear playing in the background? You really know how to set the mood! The Christmas eggs are wonderful. I have to have one, maybe two...

Chatty Crone said...


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

OMG, these are sooo cute!! Now you got me picturing our upcoming X'mas with Bryson and our new little one... can't wait ;)