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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Of Whining, Skim Milk, and Surprises

I love to cook and I love to eat. I love chocolate. Good chocolate. And bread. I dream about bread. Really good fresh bread. These are just a couple of the reasons that I am my own worst saboteur when it comes to staying on a diet. I've read all the books, I've watched all the shows. It is just really hard for me. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment. I've cancelled it three times already just to avoid the scale. My doctor isn't scary, in fact she's very cool. She specializes in weight loss and women's health. Last year, I had started a diet under her supervision. I was doing well, but then I went off of it and stayed off. Mistake number one. I should have hopped right back on that horse, but it was easier and more comfortable to stay in the old familiar place.

This time, I am going to try a more realistic approach. I've really thought about the times I am tempted to eat more than I need. My doctor had asked me to keep a journal last year before I started to diet. Now I understand why she wanted me to do this. It is a real eye opener. She had suggested that since I was adhering very strictly to my diet during the week that I might want to have one day where I could have a little splurge. I did not allow myself that back then. It was all or nothing mentality. I sabotaged myself. So now, I am going to be more realistic. I'm going back tomorrow (gulp) without an 'I want to lose x pounds by (insert date or occasion here) mentality. I am going to make realistic and smart changes and allow myself mini splurges or slivers of only things that are really worth the calories. I will not let a birthday party and a small piece of cannoli cake prevent me from going back on my diet the next day. I will not whine or feel deprived because of all the goodies around me. I will choose my goodies wisely, knowing there will always be goodies in the future. I can still bake and cook delicious things for my family, but I will sample them rather than wolf down enough for three grown men. I will make better choices and seek good substitutes for my old familiar downfalls. Like the whole milk or half and half in my coffee or cereal. This morning I used Skim Plus instead. I must say that it is not bad. Zero fat. Much better.

My Corgi club gave me an award at our Specialty show recently. I was so surprised. Anne Bowes told me that it is indeed a very special award as it is given by my peers. I am very grateful for receiving it. Carol Donnelly also received this award. I know she was as surprised as I was. So THANK YOU to Mayflower for this honor. I will treasure it. I've hung the lovely award in my little studio, which is still being organized. I must find out who did the lovely calligraphy. It is so pretty.

I want to have a little incentive to jump start my diet which includes drinking more water, so I will be ordering one of these new SIGG water bottles for myself from my CafePress store. Since giving is just as much fun (even more, really) than receiving, I want to share this gift with one of my readers. If you are feeling inspired to make healthier choices along with me (or you just want a cool Corgi water bottle) then leave me a comment on this post between now and July 4th, and on July 5th I'll let a random number generator pick the winner! If you're not a Corgi person then you can have a hedgie girl instead. I haven't seen this new product yet, so we will both get the surprise together.

Now, what to cook for dinner?....

xo xo

-CS ^..^


ClassyChassy said...

I would LOVE the chance to win a cool corgi water bottle! Also, need to make some healthier choices in life from now on - I just had a doc appt. this week, and my goodness - it is high time to do some trimming off the daily food list! So, I'm with you, Cat!

Rebecca said...

Best of luck in your dieting. I need to try my best to join you in that challenge. Like you I also crave chocolate and bread and like cream and sugar in my coffee.

Good advice to drink more water though. I know I don't drink enough most of the time.

Auberne` said...

I love the bottle! It's soooooooooooooo cute!!!!! ^-^ Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!

Auberne` Ancalimon

crgilvr said...

Oh my gosh, this is the COOLEST thing ever! I love it!

I have been having 2 squares of Dove dark after lunch every day (and journaling it) and I think it keeps the cravings down.

Unknown said...

Good luck! I too, want to shed some weight before a surgery that I've been wanting to do for the last couple of years! If only weight came off like corgi hair from a corgi body!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Cat...first of all, congrats on your much deserved award!
Second...thanks for sharing your journey with us, and maybe, hopefully, you've inspired us to jump the fence too, those of us who need too....okay, you know that it's me.
Love the new water bottle design! You know how we love giveaways, especially when a corgi is involved, or a hedgie!
Remember...if not now, when?
If you fall, get back up.
You're a dynamo,have accomplished many things, so why not in this challenge as well?
Good luck. I'm going to look for that dairy product when we go to the big city some day.

Anna M said...

Congratulations on your award! I love that you have stuff on water bottles because I really, really need to drink more water. I also need to diet although with me it's more movement stuff. Taffy is getting a bit of a paunch and I've got more than a bit of one so I'm guessing we need to start moving more. Both of us. Ick.

Karen in Maryland said...

Hi Cathy,
Your award from the Mayflower club is lovely. I have an autoimmune disease, Sjogren's, and must have a water bottle with me at all times. My corgi pup Kailyn and I would feel very special strolling around our neighborhood with one of you corgi water bottles. I also struggle with my weight. I walk 5-7 miles a day (it's the only thing that works for me) I drink a lot of water, and I allow myself a sugar free chocolate frozen pop in the evening for a treat(I must have an evening snack)

Susan said...

Cat-Best of luck w/ your appt. You can make a plan and stick with it. I am keeping track of what I eat each day. (It's more than I thought!) This helps me keep on track.
A water bottle give away! What a great idea! I try to drink 3/4 bottles of water at work.
Congrats on your award--well-deserved!

betty said...

that water bottle looks great! count me in!

I actually am AGAIN trying to take off about 30 pounds. We go up, we go down, we go up again and then we repeat the cycle OVER AND OVER again until I'm just sick of it.

This time I'm praying a lot and also emphasizing healthy eating over diet. I can diet great, I can't maintain when I get to my goal weight. So I'm focusing on healthy foods and lifestyle with exercise, etc. I started a blog where I just write down what I eat plus other thoughts I have about eating. that's been beneficial because it has helped me be accountable.

I know you can do this!!!!

congrats on the award!!


corgi mother said...

Change is the hardest thing to do when it comes to eating. It means changing your ways. It can be done! I know you can do it. The bottle is really cute. Congrates on the award. Walking is free and a good way to burn calories and tone up. Good luck. Just ask if you need support, we are all here for you.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I just got a SIGG for my b-day, so you don't need to enter me into the drawing. I just wanted to let you know I love it and it's an awesome idea!


Jennifer MacNeill said...

I could have written this post! I have been going through the same thing my whole life (darn you chocolate and bread). I have been losing lately and it's because I've taken your new approach. Slow and steady with a little splurge now and then. Plus lots of excersise from working in the garden.
Good luck!
(oh, and I LOVE the water bottle:)

Cathy said...

Neat bottle! I can sympathize about the weight loss battle. One thing I have been trying, with some success, is to keep a bottle or big glass of water near me all morning and sip from it - it keeps me from snacking between breakfast and lunch.

ocmist said...

Count me in! I've always wanted a piece of your work, and I've been at war with weight for years, but in the past couple of years, with God's help, I've been slowly making progress. I don't know how people just drop 70-100 lbs. in a few months like they are always showing, but I've gotten realistic this time and figure if I can go down 4 lbs or so a month while learning to eat healthier and get in even a little more exercise, I will beat it! I've lost 50 lbs over the past couple of years, and hey, at least I'm STILL going down!
Linda (Not bad since I was in a wheelchair for a while and it's REAL hard to exercise in one of those!)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all your corgis are so cute. But then again aren't all corgis too cute for words?

I love the corgi water bottle!

Dillydoodle said...

I totally understand your struggle. I have struggled with weight for my entire adult life. I had lost quite a lot of weight about 6 yrs ago and maintained it for about 1 1/2 yrs until i needed foot surgery and then I couldnt exercise for 8 weeks...this threw me off my good exercise and eating habits and well I gained 80% of the weight back... I have just started to do something about it. I have also put off my last two doctor appointments for the same reason as you... i dread the scale. I have been trying the same approach as you- slow and steady ... allowing for normal eating and "cheats" without falling completely off the wagon... you know I am also a very all or nothing person when it comes to eating and exercise. Though I walk my two corgis 3 miles a day every single day, rain or shine...but it wasn't enough to keep all this weight off...unfortunately.. Maybe i need to get two more corgis so i have to do the walk twice LOL ( can only walk two corgis at a time )

I adore the corgi water bottle.. I love your art work... so talented!

Congrats on the mayflower award!

Keep up the good work.. dont let one piece of chocolate derail you from your goals :)


Nancy at the Farm said...

We definitely would like a chance to win the Corgi bottle! We love your artwork and if we don't win we will cry and stamp about the yard. (And then beg Mum to go to your CafePress store and buy us each one!)

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Congrats on your award! Well deserved ;) I hear ya on this whole diet thing, one good thing about pregnancy is that you can temporarily throw that out the door... but my time to diet will be back soon, too soon... :(

Anyway, that bottle is too adorable!! I didn't know you can create your own bottle on cafepress! That's too awesome :) I hope 19 is my lucky #, ha ha!

nina pomeroy said...

I just adore your artwork. I'm another corgi fan myself ^..^

Lorie said...

Cat what great rational advice and wisdom to follow! I sure know I could make better choices! I also believe as women we should be much kinder there are so many amazing women in this world and we beat ourselves up over our outer shell-true beauty lies within and you share yours with all of us so freely, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your blogs and your artwork both here and on facebook-I love the links and wonderfful stories you share not to mention our mutual love of corgies! Good luck with your new indeaver, but remember you are a beautiful person just the way you are!!!!!!
Ps I will try to add my photos through the fan site-thanks XO Lorie

Suzanne said...

What a lovely award! Congrats! No wonder we get along so well--we both love bread and chocolate. I say life is just about complete with those two daily..LOL!

dana said...

What an inspiring post----I know lots of us feel your pain and have walked the same crooked weight loss path as you. I love your realistic approach you have adopted for this healthy life style approach to eating. When I finally realized it was a way of life and not a diet, I was more successful--well, that and a hubby who had a heart attack 7 1/2 years ago....that'll get ya motivated to eat better! I just KNOW you will succeed this time around.

WOW !!! I would LOVE to have a chance to win that darling Corgi water bottle!!!

I hope you have a terrific July 4th! Dana

B said...

Whew! I'm so glad to learn I am not the only one who cancels doc appts just to avoid the scale!!! =)

Linda said...

Congratulations on your award, you are right, I think I must drink more water too, I must be descended from some camel herding desert tribe. :) Lindax