"Life isn't long enough to do all you could accomplish. And what a privilege even to be alive. In spite of all the pollutions and horrors, how beautiful this world is.
Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think. The wonder of it!"--Tasha Tudor

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Going home...

Yesterday the awesome Moran family came to pick up Martin to begin his new life with them. While we are sad to see our little teddy bear man go, we are thrilled that he will be loved by this wonderful family. We taped up that floppy ear before he left. I'm sure we will see him now and then as he only lives a few miles away. The Morans had a beautiful and beloved Corgi who lived to a ripe old age. Since a few years have passed; they are now ready to let this little guy fill the Corgi shaped hole in their hearts. What a lucky little Corgi he is! -CS ^..^

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